Goodbye BRITA.. Hello fresh tap water!

Goodbye BRITA.. Hello fresh tap water!

My wife and I bought our first place back in 2014. We packed all of our things from our small 1 bedroom apartment and moved into our new 2 bedroom 2 bath condo. We moved everything including the couch from my parents that was approaching 30 years old. We even brought our old half broken Brita. To be honest, this filter was getting pretty gross. It seemed like I could no longer scrape the continuous mold growth out and the top of the filter was refusing to stay connected.
I knew it was time for an upgrade from the Brita so I started researching alternatives to using a Brita for filtering water to drink.

Now, it’s important to note. I wasn’t looking for system that would filer the water in my entire new condo.

Currently, I am on city water so the water is actually already filter for me. But I wanted to get that chlorine
taste out of the water and I only needed the water to be filtered in my kitchen. So I began my search online for water filtration alternatives for my kitchen sink. Here is what I found:

1.) Countertop unit – there are reverse osmosis water filters out there that will take up a TON of your counter space (not condo friendly). What’s nice is that it easy access. However, you still must put water in the filter each time it needs to get refilled. This seemed like it was one step away from a water jug dispenser. Price tag: $349

2.) Beverage Faucet – this is the small faucet that sits next to the main sink faucet. You can install one of these in your kitchen. However, you’ll still need to purchase a water filtration system and installation will likely require a new hole in your counter top. You don’t need this ! Price tag: +$700

3.) On tap water filter – this seems like an easy fix but it’s not as great as it sounds. These filters will connect right on to your sink faucet (if it fits). However, the water flow is extremely slow and will require a frequent filter change. It’s also a bit of an eye sore to look at. Avoid. Price tag $20-$50

4.) Under the sink filtration system – this set up will require a filter in your cold water line which means all of your cold water from your sink is now drinkable! Great! There are many options out there. However, the quality will vary and since your connecting into your cold water line you don’t want a system that is cheap and will leak! I recommend the 3M Aqua Pure Under Sink Water Filtration System. If you’re not a plumber or hands on person, not a problem. Get yourself a pro at Home Advisor (My visit cost $140 and the professional did it in 30 minutes) Price tag: $300

Get your 3M Aqua Pure Filter Here

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